Do you have large scale spills, debris or general waste to clean up? We have got you covered with our industrial strength Tradievac vacuum system.

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TradieVac Industrial Cleaning Vacuum

Lets us take care of those large and obtrusive jobs fast and efficiently with our powerful, industrial strength vacuum system.

Introducing TradieVac; a powerful, portable industrial wet and dry vacuum for maintenance, cleaning and removal of hazardous waste. It is designed to contribute to a clean, safe working environment as well as reducing environmental impact through improved production and efficiency versus manual cleaning.

TradieVac has been designed with many benefits. These include:

  • Suitable for heavy duty jobs – the vacuum system is one of the toughest industrial vacuum systems around and can take care of gutter cleaning, liquid spill recovery including oil, Cess Pit cleaning, flood recovery, wet and dry vacuuming and significant water runoffs.
  • Suitable for cleaning wet and dry substances – the heavy duty cleaning system is designed to pick up both wet and dry waste ensuring the clean up process is quick and easy.
  • Environmentally friendly – TradieVac has an effective waste management system that ensures dangerous liquids and debris are captured contained and disposed of safely and effectively.
  • High performance – the system is built with power and efficiency in mind ensuring the job gets done quickly with limited interference to your day to day operations.
  • Less hassle with better results – with a 60m capacity horizontal and vertical reach, the system is operated from the ground, eliminating the need for costly, dangerous and obstructive scaffolding.
  • Silence filters – built with inlet and outlet silences, TradieVac minimises noise ensuring minimal intervention to your daily operations.

Industrial vacuum for speciality industry cleaning:

  • Gutter cleaning – TradieVac is suitable for cleaning gutters, spouting and those hard to reach places both inside and out. With a 60m hose reach, it can be operated from the ground up, eliminating the need for scaffolding.  TradieVac simultaneously cleans and removes waste ensuring a more efficient and clean result.
  • Liquid spill recovery – Our industrial vacuum system has the capacity to clean up oil spills and other liquid spills ensuring residue is removed, contained and disposed of safely.
  • Cess pit cleaning and maintenance – TradieVac is a suitable for option for cleaning out of Cess Pits. Regular maintenance programmes will help prevent blockages and build of excess up debris and silt.
  • Flood recovery – TradieVac is fast and effective solution to take care of any liquid overflows resulting from floods.
  • Wet / dry vacuuming – Suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming – the system allows for efficient switching between wet and dry waste saving you time and money.
  • Pressure washing run off – Where required, TradieVac can capture excess water runoff eliminating waste water from entering the storm water systems.

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Do you have large scale spills, debris or general waste to clean up? We have got you covered with our industrial strength Tradievac vacuum system.

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NZF understands that most work place areas are now under threat from COVID 19. NZF would like to offer our clients this service, to make staff more at ease if they have to continue to work and are unable to self-isolate. This is highly effective in areas such as: Large Office Floor Spaces, Childcare Centres, University Class Rooms and Lecture Theatres, Hospitals, Food Manufacturing, Schools, Retail Space, Public Facilities and many more!