Exterior Disinfection Service

Protect your staff and customers from COVID-19 and any other pesky bacteria and nasties.

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How can NZF Help?

Protect your staff and customers from COVID-19 and any other pesky bacteria and nasties. Look to disinfect exterior points of your facilities to help keep high use areas COVID-19 and pesky bacteria free. NZ Facilities can provide you facilities with a comprehensive disinfection service with our highly active biodegradable chemical treatments to protect you and your workplace members. Service will eliminate 99.9% of all living virus and bacteria on contact. Ideal for Playgrounds, Rubbish areas, exterior toilet facilities, public spaces, exterior foyers, high touch entrance areas and many more.


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Or, touch base with us to find out about our other services such as Disinfect Pressure cleaning, Handyman, Painting, Repairs, High cleaning, Building Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window cleaning, Carpet and Hard floor cleaning and any other deep cleaning and maintenance requirements should your facility require!

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Window Cleaning

Let us take care of your dirty work. We’ll have your windows gleaming in no time.

Building Washing

Trust our experts to provide outstanding solutions for your commercial building.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Have your high rise windows lost their shine? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

General Property Maintenance

Need a reliable team to take care of all your commercial property maintenance? NZ Facilities is your one stop solution.

Glass Restoration

Repairing glass can be more cost effective than replacing it, our experienced glass restoration team can repair your damaged glass.

Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Do your loors look dull, tired and worn out? We’ll give them a new lease of life.

Full Painting Services

Does your commercial property need a spot of paint? Let NZ Facilities take care of all your painting needs.

Pressure Washing

Are your outdoor surfaces looking a little bleak? Our team of expert pressure washers can transform their appearance fast.


Do you have large scale spills, debris or general waste to clean up? We have got you covered with our industrial strength Tradievac vacuum system.

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Covid-19 - Chemical Fogging

NZF understands that most work place areas are now under threat from COVID 19. NZF would like to offer our clients this service, to make staff more at ease if they have to continue to work and are unable to self-isolate. This is highly effective in areas such as: Large Office Floor Spaces, Childcare Centres, University Class Rooms and Lecture Theatres, Hospitals, Food Manufacturing, Schools, Retail Space, Public Facilities and many more!